These Leafy Greens were grown at Yerecic Farms, a family owned company located in Ohio that has been operating for over 50 years!


Planted by Yerecic Farms on 4/1/2022. Lot Code YF85467

Harvested on 6/5/2022 using the equipment at Yerecic Farms. Lot Code: YF85468

Shipped via Yerecic Transporting on 6/5/2022. Lot Code: YF85469

Received at Yerecic packaging facilities in Idaho on 6/6/2022. Lot Code: YF85470

Shipped from Yerecic packaging facilities on 6/7/2022. Lot Code: YF85471

Received at Phoenix Markets on 6/9/2022. Lot Code: YF85472


*For Promotion Purposes Only; Not a real Farm, Product or Lot Codes.