Yerecic Label Customer Portal and Ordering System

Yerecic Label publicly launched a customer portal and ordering system, and we couldn’t be more excited!

This online system provides secure access to Yerecic Label items in a responsive web design for access on desktops, tablets and smartphones. It was made so that our customers can now quickly place an order anytime, anywhere and have constant access to current inventory levels.

Stock Labels

The first notable feature of this system is that you can see all of our stock labels without having to login, just by clicking the Stock Labels drop-down menu. From here you will be able to pick which department and label type you would like to see, as shown below.

Once you choose a department and label grouping, you will be taken to the category view screen (shown below). The category screen shows you what each label looks like, the YL item number and the item description.

Label Information

By clicking on any label in the category screen, you will get to the product detail page shown to the right. Some of the information provided here is the item’s number and UPC code, size and  of the label, the unwind type, ordering specifications and more!

Pricing and Customer Login

Now you may be wondering, what about pricing? When you click the button highlighted to the left, connect to view a price, it will take you to a login screen. From here you can register for a customer login so that you can not only view pricing, but also do so much more!

Visit to check it out for yourself and request a log-in!