Why Our People Stay

Team member retention is the most valuable asset for any company! We are proud to have an average tenure of over 10 years and over 20 team members with 20 or more years at Yerecic Label, so we decided to ask these team members WHY they have stayed with Yerecic Label for so long. There were a variety of answers across the company, but they consistently fell into the themes below.

Company Culture

One of the top two reasons stated for why our team stays is the Family-Friendly atmosphere we provide. Many people stated that they love the collaboration and empowerment from top to bottom… Everyone knows your name, who you are and what you do!

At the core, Yerecic Label is a family owned and operated company that aims to provide the very best in compensation, benefits, career opportunities and work-life balance. We consider ourselves one big family, and that we are proud that does not go unnoticed by our team members.

Enjoy Their Job – Printing Pride!!

Seems simple right? Of course if you enjoy your job, you’re going to be more willing to stay! We wanted to dig a little deeper and find out why. A lot of our team members really enjoy the label making process and the variety of labels we make. One of our longstanding Production team members stated that he enjoys the creativity aspect the most, getting to see the labels come to life from designing to printing! A lot of other team members agree, but also added on that they enjoy learning about the print industry and technologies as well.

Helping Customers

Serving our customers is of the utmost important, and a lot of our Team Members really enjoy that! Our Sales Coordinators enjoy helping customers with their new projects and that every day is a new customer challenge. One of our Key Account Managers actually stated that her favorite part of the job is visiting her customers and learning about their processes.

Continuous Improvement

In our 50+ years we have grown tremendously as a company, I mean look at where we started. (The Yerecic Family Garage, pictured to the right). A focus on Continuous Improvement is instrumental in that growth. As our HR Manager put it best,

If you are not growing and improving, you’re dying.

Our team member’s appreciate that improvement focus over the years, and enjoy contributing to them. One of our longest tenured team members, our Platemaker, stated that witnessing the progression of how far the company has advanced in the 3 decades he has been with us is his favorite part about working at Yerecic Label.

Growth Opportunities

The ability to learn new skills and improve on those skills was a company-wide answer, from our pre-press team all the way to the production floor. One of our valued Graphic Designers said her favorite part about working here at YL are the opportunities for experimentation and brainstorming, as well as working with new materials.

Our Production team also has endless advancement opportunities, which is one of our Production Manager’s favorite part of the job. He enjoys training new associates and watching them succeed by taking advantage of these opportunities provided.

Fellow Team Members

Almost every single person noted that they genuinely enjoy the people that they work with. This ties into our company culture of having a family atmosphere where everyone truly does support one another!



At the top of my list of reasons that I love working at YL is the great team spirit. My co-workers without being asked, pitch in and lend a hand to get the job done.  They always go the extra mile to deliver a quality product to our customers and help out wherever they are needed.  Whether it is packing boxes, data entry, cleaning up endless amounts of data, or even cleaning our offices daily to keep us all safe.  That teamwork is the leading factor to our success.

-Yerecic Label IT Manager

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