Through our Consumer Research, we have found that consumers are looking for Meal Solutions & Inspiration on pack.

What’s New in Deli?

Many brands are eager to imitate the “local” feel of a butcher down the street when marketing packaged products in the Deli. Yerecic Label’s RusticVibe!® treatments give products an authentic look and feel while the FlagTag! label construction provides brands with additional marketing space to tell their story. This is especially valuable as consumers look to be more knowledgeable about where their food comes from.

Yerecic Label Insights:

Our Market Innovations that pair best with Deli products are…
•  RusticVibe!®
•  EasyOpen!℠
•  TamperApparent!℠

Elevate your Deli offerings with custom labels, enticing customers to your counter with irresistible appeal!

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