What Makes an Attractive Label – Color & Design

Catching the consumer’s eye should be your number one priority when designing a label. A product that stands out and looks aesthetically pleasing is more likely to be bought. So what makes an attractive label? There are multiple elements that have to come together to ensure your labels look the best.

Importance of Color

Before even starting the design process, you should choose a color that resonates with your brand.

On the label itself, contrasting colors will certainly draw the eye. Monochromatic color schemes are also nice for a modern and chic look. However, combining the two with a pop of contrasting color along with a monochromatic scheme will help draw and focus the eye.

Bright and bold colors give of a sense of healthiness with an aspect of fresh. While darker colors can give a sense of higher quality and elegance.

Color Trends

Color use for product identity is important too, but you want to make sure you don’t blend in with the crowd.

Greens are used mostly for organic, lean and produce products. By adding a pop of contrasting color, or using colors other than green, while still evoking a fresh feeling, your product is more likely to stand out.


For meat products blacks, reds and oranges are used a lot. Black as a neutral base and red and oranges used to signify grilling, cooking and baking. The same methodology applies here, standing out among a shelf full of red and orange meat branding can be beneficial. Standing out can easily be achieved by using pops of contrasting, but still complementary colors.


On bakery products you tend to see a tan, warm background with a pop of vibrant colors that we don’t usually see in other fresh departments such as purple and blue. As these items have a lot of variety and flavor options, there’s freedom on what colors can be used. Don’t be afraid to play around with the colors!

Aesthetic Trends

Many of our customers will use the same background across a product line, and each variety or flavor will have a different color bar or text color. Using bright color pops with a neutral background color scheme helps the label stand out. Doing this also helps create brand consistency across your products.

There are many other current design trends, such as our RusticVibe!® and SensorySensations!℠ Product lines. The RusticVibe!® uses graphics to help creates a natural feel to your product for shoppers.

The SensorySensations!℠ label solutions give your products a more luxe feel. Elements such as dual varnishes or scents elevates the sensory experience of your labels. To learn more about these and many other current design trends, check out our Market Innovations.


In recent years, fresh foods have been adopting a long used trend by center store by adding a finished dish photo to the product packaging. Using a photo of a meal prepared with your product helps to entice and inspire the shopper to put the item in their cart. Even better, alternate photos on the label roll so when the customer is in-store they see a variety of meal ideas!

Another trend currently on the rise is the use of illustration on labels to communicate brand values and key characteristics more quickly. There are many examples of this; illustrations of the featured ingredients, drawing of the state where the product is grown, illustrations of the animal used in the product. Illustration can add a fun, unique element to any label, and the options are endless.

Overall, a strong, bold statement of identity, some pops of color, and, if space allows, a plate shot of the product will go a long way to being a really appealing label. If you have any questions or would like more information on how to incorporate these trends into your labels, reach out today!