Top 5 Ways to Capture Shoppers’ Attention On-Pack

Packaging not only protects the product, but serves as a powerful tool to influence purchasing decisions! In this post, we’ll explore five strategies you can use to captivate shoppers on-pack, drawing on valuable insights from various studies and industry experts.

Adding a recipe on-pack is one of the best ways to capture attention, and studies show that consumers agree! When looking at the results of Yerecic Label’s Protein Labeling Study, the data showed that consumers are looking for help and new ideas on what to cook, and prefer information to be on the package where no extra effort is required of them.

According to the 2022 Power of Produce study, 28% of respondents suggested weekly meal plan ideas, 27% recommended recipes, and 18% mentioned preparation and cooking demos as effective ways for grocery stores to help consumers include more fresh fruits and vegetables in their meals.

Incorporating a recipe onto your packaging can feel like a daunting task, luckily Yerecic Label is here to help! With our Easy Fresh Cooking line for both Produce and Meat, you can easily start attracting consumer attention!

Including photos of the final product a consumer may prepare is one of the easiest ways to attract attention! The Protein Labeling Study, mentioned above, showed that simple, appetizing photos combined with easy to read recipes and cooking information provide consumers with the information they need to purchase cuts of meat they do not normally prepare, leading to more sales at the meat case!

An article that evaluated the use of QR Codes on food products found that the incorporation of QR Codes is emerging as one of the most promising technologies to influence consumer buying behavior. The 2022 QR Code statistics survey found that 67% of respondents agreed that QR codes can make life easier, and 39% of respondents expressed a desire to see QR codes used more broadly in the future.

According to this same article, research has shown that comprehension and self-confidence are higher with the adoption of the QR Code. In fact, a QR Code on the label of milk bottles helped 83.7% of respondents receive better information about the product.

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance that color plays into making an attractive label. In a widely-cited study called “The Impact of Color on Marketing,” research found the majority of people evaluate products on color alone: almost 85% of consumers cite color as the main reason they buy a certain product, and 80% of people believe color increases brand recognition.

This study reported that red, yellow, green, and pink are the four most eye-catching colors. Therefore, incorporating these colors into your label design will physiologically increase the likelihood that someone will look at your product. Color trends extend beyond the average consumer, and are also specific by industry. For example, greens are used mostly for organic, lean and produce products, while meat products commonly utilize blacks, reds and oranges. This is where the isolation effect comes in handy. By adding a pop of contrasting color your product is more likely to stand out on shelves or in the case!

The goal of effective packaging design is for the consumer to be inspired to pick the product up and put it in their shopping cart. An article by the Harvard Business Review points out that physically holding products can create a sense of psychological ownership, driving must-have purchase decisions. Therefore, it is essential that you create a positive tactile experience for consumers.

An easy way to elevate your design is by adding Yerecic Label’s SensorySensations!® elements to your design! Dual treatments of gloss and matte texture, unique texture elements, and scented elements aim to provide a comprehensive sensory experience, engaging multiple senses at the point of purchase.

For more information on how to capture shoppers’ attention, or more information on the research mentioned above, please leave a comment or reach out today!