Top 4 Reasons Why a Lean Supplier Delivers Key Advantages

In our last YL blog post we touched upon our lean journey throughout the years. The key question – How does it really benefit a retailer or manufacturer to have lean suppliers? – still needs be answered though! Here are a few key benefits a true lean supplier should deliver with ease.

Advantage 1: Small Minimums

As the number of SKU’s escalate and sales volumes spread throughout the product line, small minimums are the order of the day.  Lean manufacturers deliver the short set up times needed to keep your costs down on smaller orders.  At YL, Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) principles are used to reduce every press set up to less than 10 minutes.

Label converters today have the benefit of tremendous automation opportunities allowing the press to print without bottlenecks. Automatic roll changers mean presses never need stop to add a new roll of paper.  Presses with automatic print settings and registration not only keep print in line but also include die cutting registration. All this automation makes economical short runs a reality when you work with a lean label manufacturer.

Advantage 2: Short Lead Times

Lean always seeks to reduce complexity.  By minimizing the number of steps needed to process your order, lean consistently allows quicker turn around to get your order out the door.   The one-piece flow concept at the heart of lean manufacturing eliminates work in process inventory and speeds throughput in the office and on the plant floor.

Advantage 3: No/Low Inventory

There is often a need to change the design of your label.  Whether it is a government mandated change or a new marketing opportunity, design changes are an issue for the purchasing team.  Excessive label inventory leads to making bad choices, postponing a needed change or absorbing losses.

A lean partner will prefer a print to order service solution avoiding the negative choices that can occur from excessive inventory.  If ultra-tight lead times are necessary, a lean supplier can create a small emergency stock to ensure production lines never stall.

Advantage 4: Cellular Teams Focused on Your Business

A Cellular environment us the best way to accomplish all of this automation and throughput. Cross functional teams replace functional in both the office and plant floor.  You have a direct line to your Sales Coordinator and the team environment helps your order process quickly and efficiently.

If you are missing growth opportunities or are frustrated by costs associated with large order minimums, long lead times or excessive inventory we invite you to talk about lean solutions with our Yerecic Label team. Reach out today!