This is a Simple Page, Read the Paragraph Below

Many of the elements on this page are completely optional. For example, you could remove the image at the top completely if you wanted. You could remove the “Take the Next Step!” text and button to the right, or replace it with a newsletter call to action.

The text below simply shows some options for how you can format various things on the site, too.

Note that this is a link, and it’s orange instead of the default blue. That’s because this page will use the “Orange” color scheme. You will have one color scheme for each of the colors beneath the slider on the homepage design.

This is called a blockquote. You can use it to quote other sources, or simply to make text pop!

You can make lists, such as:

  1. Pork
  2. Deli
  3. Soda

And do basic things like make text bold or italicize it.

a woman holding a basket in a grocery store
Add Captions to Photos

a woman holding a basket in a grocery storeFormat images so that they align tothe right, left or center. Those imagescan also have captions, and byuploading a photo, a variety of sizeswill be created for you to choose from, all of which will also be automatically compressed and optimized for the web and fordisplay on various screen sizes.


Finally, wrap it up with a call to action!

They got all the way to the end, you must have them!

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