The Power of Produce

The Power of Produce is an annual research report that gives an in-depth look at the produce department through the shoppers’ eyes. Read on to learn more about the study and Yerecic Label’s involvement!

What is Power of Produce?

The Power of Produce report is commissioned by FMI – the Food Industry Association, conducted by 210 Analytics LLC, and is made possible by sponsorship from Invafresh, The Southeast Produce Council (SEPC) and Yerecic Label. The goal of the study is to help produce retailers, growers and shippers better understand consumers’ shopper habits and, more importantly, create actionable insights that increase sales.

Why is it Powerful?

By listening to the consumer voice, in combination with sales data overlay by IRi, the study aims to provide insight into opportunities, habits, preferences, and trends. More than anything, this study was designed by the industry, for the industry, with input from growers, shippers, retailers, wholesalers and more! Now in its eighth year, the Power of Produce provides a unique opportunity to see ongoing historical trend lines, while also introducing new topics.

Importance to Yerecic Label

We surround ourselves with industry experts to learn how to help you connect with today’s shopper, which is why we have funded this proprietary research since 2016. The insight that we gain from the annual Power of Produce research report enables us to create actionable labels that entice, inform and inspire decisions at the point of purchase!

Download the Power of Produce 2023 Insights Flyer by clicking below, or reach out if you have any questions or interest in receiving a presentation on the study.