The Label Making Process – TSF’s

Ever wondered what exactly goes into the entire label making process? Look no further! A lot goes into printing a label from start to finish behind the scenes. Throughout the upcoming blog posts, we will explore each step in the process, from the very first label concepts to shipping your labels out of our facility.

The process begins by ensuring we have a complete Technical Specifications Form (TSF). In this blog post, we will explore all of the information we need to ensure you get the right label for your product!


Packaging Specifications

The first part of the TSF identifies all of the information about how the label is used. The person within your company that would help us best complete this form is a team member in production running the machine or applying the label.

The first section of the form (pictured below) touches on packaging and product specifications. We need the product the label is placed on, the type of packaging material, and a few other things to help ensure the label material will stick to your product!


Application Information

The second section is all about the label application; how it will be placed onto the product, the unwind position, whether there is further printing on the label and amount of labels per roll.



The last few sections (pictured below) touch on the environment that the label is in during and after application. Knowing key information such as the temperature range, storage conditions, moisture levels and any special requirements needed help determine the best material and finishing for your label.


Why is a complete TSF Important?

Ensuring you get a label that works on your packaging is important to us! To looking at key things like the storage conditions, environment or application process could lead to a label that does not adhere like you intended.

All of the sections listed above directly affects our quote process. The more information that we have to begin with, the more accurate your quoted price will be. In addition to that, the quote will be noted as pending until this TSF form is completed.


If you have any additional questions on the importance of the Technical Specifications form (TSF), please do not hesitate to reach out or leave a note in the comments!