The Label Making Process – Quotes

After the Technical Specifications Form (TSF) is completed and returned, there are a few more specifications that our Quote Team needs before providing you with the price for your job!

Required Information

We received a lot of information about your item already through the TSF! This gives us detail on the material that needs used for your item.

The first additional piece of information required for the Quote is the size and shape that will be used for the label. This helps us to determine how many labels we can get across the press and thus the overall productivity of the press run.

We also need to know the ink and coating detail of your artwork. This is easily achieved by sending our team your artwork along with detail on any effects you want on the label. Sending artwork prior to quoting also allows our team to parallel process the proof and the quote to expedite your job!

The next detail needed for quoting is the item usage. We need to know initial ordering quantities and any re-order quantities, if that differs from the initial order volumes. This information, along with the size and shape of the label, helps us determine what press would be best to for the job.

The last thing needed in the quote process is how many varieties there will be of the label.


Optional Information (but greatly appreciated!)

The next item is not required, however it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and that is a sample of any existing labels from your company or a like item run on a similar product and packaging line. This gives us a better understanding of what coating and materials were used and how the label was built.

Another thing that is not required but is very helpful is a sample of the packaging that the label is applied to. Evaluating the packaging sample helps to determine if there is a coating on the packaging that we may need a special adhesive for, or if the labels need to be designed specially to fit the packaging.


Pending Receipt

So your quote says “pending receipt…”, what does that mean?! Some of our quotes are marked with a pending receipt statement if we have not received all the necessary information from you prior to providing the quote. Two of the most common ones are pending receipt of customer-supplied artwork or pending receipt of test results.

A quote is marked pending receipt of customer-supplied artwork if we only receive an explanation of artwork instead of the actual artwork file in case we discover specialty inks or other elements that may change the price later.

Lastly, some quotes are marked pending receipt of test results, if we are waiting on test results based on your product environment which can change the quote entirely.


Overall, the more information we have before starting the quote process, the better. Having all of this information not only moves the process along faster, it also ensures the most accurate pricing!