The label making process – Proofs

After we get your completed TSF, your team artist helps to make your label dreams come to life with a proof. Whether you need a new label built from scratch or you need your current artwork reviewed for printability, your team has your back!

What is a Proof?

A proof is a jpeg or pdf file provided to you that depicts the label artwork after it has been reviewed for elements of printability by the artist. For customer-supplied artwork we replicate the label, review for printability, and make suggestions that will improve the quality of the label.

The proof stage may entail revisions back and forth, and some even include some full color prints that will be true to the final product. All in all, a proof is a depiction of what the customer will receive as the end product.

Any questions or potential issues that arise are marked with a “stop sign” graphic, depicted below, so it easily draws your attention and we can work together to revise the label if necessary.

Information Needed

The first thing needed for us to put together an accurate proof is artwork. Be sure to visit our other blog posts on artwork specifications for printability if you are supplying your own artwork!

The second item needed for an accurate proof is the Unwind the label will be. This information is pertinent as we need to know what die to use, and those are mandated by the type of unwind.

Since you already completed your Technical Specifications Form, we have the necessary information on label application! Application information is important in the proofing stage as some labels need a black bar added to the label liner to help application sensors pick up the labels. However, this only applies to clear labels, circle labels with no clear edge, or labels with a special shape or construction.

The proof stage is very important as we cannot proceed with the job until the final proof is approved.

Example of the Bottom of a Proof

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next installment of this series!