The Label Making Process – Press

In this final installment of our Label Making Process Series, it is finally time to explore the creation of our labels! Printing pressure sensitive labels can be achieved through many different methods, however here at Yerecic Label we specialize in both digital and flexographic printing capabilities. Read the blog post linked here for more information about these printing types!

The Press Team

At almost every press, three team members work together – the Operator oversees the process, the Helper keeps everything moving smoothly and the Finisher confirms the labels meet our customer’s standards.

The Operator is responsible for running the press and safeguarding quality. As team leader, he or she is responsible for everything and everyone within the cell. The Operator confirms color consistency, unwind type and quality for every item before, during and after all press runs. They are also responsible for completing all the paperwork needed for a job.

Our Helpers assist the press Operators in setting up every new job and when an Operator is out for the day, they step in to run the press. On a normal day, they get everything prepared for the next job including any paperwork, dies, or plates needed. Our Helpers also monitor waste wind and perform all preventative maintenance on the press. Lastly, they also assist with the training and mentorship of Finishers.

The final member of our press-cell team is the Finisher, or the last line of defense against defects within the facility. They are responsible for collecting the correct boxes and cores, and setting up the finishing unit used for each job. The Finisher also ensures the final product is up to customers’ specifications and all rolls are boxed appropriately for safe handling while shipping.

One Best Way Changeover

In order to make changeovers as quick and efficient as possible, the press team prepares your job while the previous item is still running on the press. We refer to this process as the “One Best Way Changeover”.

Team members must complete specific tasks in a certain order during a One Best Way changeover to avoid interfering with each other. Essentially, they accomplish their duties in the most efficient way without interrupting each other’s current tasks. This ensures that Yerecic Label quickly & efficiently meets customer standards and maximizes press run time!

Everything done on the press is a team effort that results in labels our customers can be proud to display on their products! Any questions about the label making process? Leave a comment or contact us!