The Four Pillars of YL – Technology

We aim to be at the forefront of industry technology to help give our customers the latest and greatest in labels. Every step of the process, we have implemented time saving technology elements by investing in latest manufacturing equipment and process improvement tools. Throughout the buying process, we always keep focused on green technology in order to support our environmental commitment.

This installment of our Four Pillars of YL blog series will touch on some of this technology, from our platemaking process to our new online customer portal!


Making our own plates for label production not only saves you processing time, it produces a better product! Our DuPont Cyrel digital plate maker, pictured below, enhances print quality and has a one-hour turnover time for damaged plates or rush items.

On top of the time saved from making our own plates, this system is solvent free and the plates are completely recyclable meaning it is a great solution for our environment!  For a more in-depth dive into the Platemaking process here at YL, read this blog post.

Press capabilities

Our production floor is full of an array of presses including flexographic and digital machinery. Our Mark Andy P7 Servo Technology, pictured below, has an automatic print setting and registration, and the waste produced is less than half the industry average! Each of our flexographic presses has 12 stations CMYK print, spot colors and special treatments. This machinery has the ability to print variable 2D barcodes and sequential or non-sequential numbering as well as multi-web capabilities!

Our Domino N610i Digital UV Inkjet Press prints on a wide variety of paper and film label stocks. This machinery also has textured print capability and the best white on clear film in the market! To top it all off, the maximum speed for our digital press is 200 feet per minute. To learn more about the differences between our digital and flexographic presses, check out this blog post for a deeper dive!

eCommerce Customer Portal

In 2020, we publicly launched our eCommerce website which has a wide array of benefits for our customers! On the site, you can explore our stock labels as well as your custom labels that we build specific for you.

Customers are able to not only see all of the label artwork and specifications, they are also able to order directly from the website! To learn more about our eCommerce capabilities, check out this blog post and one of our recent On a Roll videos.

Have questions about why having a printer that invests in the latest technology is important? Reach out today!