The Four Pillars of YL – Consumer Research

Here at Yerecic Label we believe that the best way to create a successful label is through understanding what the shopper wants at the point of purchase! Through sponsoring research, we can provide leading industry knowledge to customers and engage them on the value of providing shoppers with information. Read on to learn about some of the research we have chosen to take part in.

Power of Produce

The Power of Produce is an annual research report published by FMI, conducted by 210 Analytics and sponsored by Yerecic Label, the Southeast Produce Council (SEPC) and Burris Logistics. This study takes a deep dive into the preparation and consumption habits of produce shoppers.

Now in its fifth year, this research provides insights into produce buying habits that you don’t want to miss! To download the Power of Produce Top 10 eBook, click here.

Protein and the Plate

The Protein and the Plate research study was conducted by Midan Marketing and Meatingplace Magazine, and sponsored by Yerecic Label in December 2014. This study explored recent meat trends including consumer pricing concerns, health and wellness needs, and flavor trends.

One interesting thing that we uncovered from this study is that 48 percent of shoppers cite recipes as their information resource when trying new meats!


In 2013, Yerecic Label contracted Midan Marketing to conduct focus groups to explore the appeal of special effects such as holographics and sparkle inks on labels. Two focus groups were conducted for each industry targeting primary grocery purchasers and a mix of demographics.

Participants commented at length on the techniques on the labels that drew their attention and respondents in both groups spent a lot of time talking about the importance of appealing pictures. Ultimately, in many of the labels they were shown, a quality image of a prepared meal is what drew them!

Consumers Attitudes Toward Packaged Fruits & Vegetables

This research was conducted in August 2011 and commissioned by the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) to better understand buying habits and preferences of consumers purchasing fresh packaged produce.

More than 50 percent of shoppers responded they get their information about fresh produce either on the package or on signs throughout the store!

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