The 2024 Power of Produce Top 5 Insights

The Power of Produce report is commissioned by FMI – the Food Industry Association, conducted by 210 Analytics LLC, and is made possible by sponsorship from The Southeast Produce Council (SEPC) and Yerecic Label. The goal of the study is to help produce retailers, growers and shippers better understand consumers’ shopper habits and, more importantly, create actionable insights that increase sales.

Phygital is using technology to bridge digital with the physical world with the intent of providing interactive experiences for consumers. Power of Produce 2024 found that most shoppers are interested in utilizing QR Codes to gain more information.

  • 84% are interested in using QR codes to access recipes or preparation information
  • 85% could see themselves using QR codes to access nutrition information
  • 88% could see themselves using QR codes for tips on extending shelf-life of fruits and vegetables at home
  • 71% have interest in virtually visiting a greenhouse and 69% have interest in virtually visiting the field and farm where produce is grown

The QR code on the label to the right is a prime example of what shoppers are looking for, scan it and see for yourself!

The produce purchase has become a more planned occasion, with 54% of shoppers planning to purchase specific kinds of fruits and vegetables. Though retailers still have a big opportunity to influence the type of fruits and vegetables in store by utilizing the top six impulse drivers listed below.

  1. Items in Season
  2. Eye-Catching Displays
  3. Recipe Ideas
  4. Locally-Grown Produce
  5. Sampling
  6. Secondary Displays throughout the store

Shoppers express great interest in stores and brands providing nutritional content and health benefit information, better knowledge can boost engagement. Shoppers want more information on:

The study showed that where the produce was grown is now more important than how or by whom, with 40% of shoppers stating that is a main purchase priority. Consumers would also like to see their produce department carry more of these top 5 claims:

58% of shoppers cannot financially afford to waste fresh produce, yet 6 in 10 shoppers experience fruit and vegetables going bad before they can eat them. That leads to shoppers having interest in the below information provided on-pack:

  • 66% of shoppers want tips on how to keep produce fresh longer
  • 51% want tips on where/how to best store produce
  • 46% would like more information on the ability to freeze produce
  • 40% want tips on how to properly ripen produce
  • 36% want to see how to use produce in different ways (recipe ideas)

Download the Power of Produce 2024 Insights Flyer by clicking below, or reach out if you have any questions or interest in receiving a full presentation on the study.

*All facts were sourced directly from The Power of Produce© 2024 full study*