Sustainability at Yerecic Label

Here at Yerecic Label we have always believed that success goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility. Every day we continue to learn new ways to reduce our environmental footprint and through that we have been able to achieve remarkable accomplishments in sustainability.

In this blog post we are going to explore some of the steps we take to reduce our environmental footprint, and how they’ve paid off!

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

One of the first things we implemented was an in-house recycling program for all team member and process waste. Recycling cans are found in all office spaces and work areas of the production floor. In addition, a recycling dumpster was put into place to collect all of the recyclables.  We also strive to reduce landfills by insuring all qualified materials are either recycled or baled for alternative energy.

We also strive to reduce landfills by ensuring all qualified materials are either recycled or baled for alternative energy.  In 2013, Yerecic Label purchased a compactor to divert the waste matrix and press set-up excess from landfill to an alternate fuel program. Since installation, Yerecic Label has repurposed over 15,650,000 pounds, or 7,825 tons, of press scrap.

Water Use

In an effort to reduce our water usage, YL has purchased 5 Flexo Wash self-contained Anilox cleaning units along with a Flexo Wash plate cleaning system. This equipment has been installed for over 10 years and has reduced the amount of water needed to clean print tooling. We have reduced our water consumption by 37% since 2010 and are aiming for additional 2% decreases in upcoming years.

The Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Award

All of these efforts paid off when Yerecic Label was awarded TLMI Environmental Leadership Award in 2014. This award is now known as the The Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Award and is a tribute to one of the label industries most respected environmental and sustainability thought leaders, Calvin Frost.

For decades Calvin has tirelessly focused on reducing the amount of release liner and matrix waste going to landfill. The award recognizes one association supplier and converter member who have demonstrated a commitment to progressive environmental practices.

To learn more about our environmental efforts, check out our sustainability page on our website!