AdImpact! – Putting Industry and Marketing Expertise to Work for You!

The use of AdImpact! cross-merchandising labels is proven to build larger grocery basket sales! We identify complementary center store brands that cover printing and redemption costs for coupons, which offer a savings when fresh products and center store brands are purchased together. Your shoppers gain savings and are motivated to buy both items!

Traceability & Variable Data – Scannable Solutions!

Now more than ever, consumers want to know that their food is safe, fresh and grown from a trustworthy source. In order to meet this demand, and for the greater good, perishable buyers in retail work with suppliers who have strong food safety and traceability programs. We can print variable data containing numbers, text, bar or Quick Response (QR) codes onto any label whether black and white, process printed or multi-color. This process allows you to serialize products, track target markets and develop timely and relevant messages to your customers.

Whether printing sequential or variable data codes, our in-line code verifiers and QA auditing systems ensure that every code will contain the proper information and will be readable throughout the supply chain!