Celebrating Our Roots:

Since 1969, we’ve been dedicated to helping fresh food retailers, growers and processors connect with shoppers. Yerecic Label has a 50+ year track record of bringing unmatched expertise to the perishables industry. From true lean manufacturing processes to providing each customer with a dedicated team, Yerecic provides an experience that makes labeling innovative and easy.Yerecic Label is proud to provide a working experience where team members are inclined to stay. Currently, we have thirty-one team members with over 10 years of tenure, eleven with over 20 years and seven team members with over 30 years of tenure!



From the very beginning, Yerecic Label’s focus was on helping the retail and perishable industries connect with shoppers at the point of purchase. Our products are now distributed across the U.S. and featured on consumer products from beef, poultry and pork to fresh produce and cheese.

While many things have changed, others have stayed the same; our dedication to our customers, our love for printing and our family roots.