Maintaining Quality Standards

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Yerecic Label. To maintain superior standards and meet customers’ expectations, our production team strictly adheres to a comprehensive 10-point quality checklist. These key points that define our unwavering commitment to quality are explored below.

We meticulously adhere to customers’ specifications, and ensure labels consistently meet our established YL specifications. This includes matching item numbers, using the correct paper and plates, and conducting various tests to meet our standards.

Colors are precisely matched to customer specifications, the PMS book, and the Epson proof, guaranteeing a correct representation of the intended design’s colors.

Achieving perfection in color registration involves diligence in team member’s attentiveness in everything from press set-up and plate mounting to visual inspection set-up and editing.

Our commitment to quality extends to the final output, where all print appears clean and sharp.

Labels with back print undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure they do not contain pinholes or visible spots.

We ensure screens and process dots maintain a clean and sharp appearance, aligning precisely with the Epson proof.

Confirmation of UPC and variable data scans for each run are completed, including the comprehensive scanning of inkjet digital barcodes.

All colors and varnishes undergo thorough testing to ensure they are completely dry and resistant to scratching, with additional tests to ensure smear resistance and UV varnish curing.

Our die-cutting process ensures that the die kisses the liner without any strike-through. Rigorous tests are performed on machine-applied rolls each time the die is lifted.

Finished rolls are slit precisely to customer specifications, trimmed accurately, and maintain a neat appearance. Colors are checked to ensure they are consistently in registration with each other and the die. Lastly, thorough checks are performed on shipping notes, ensuring the correct case tag is used.

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