Label Finishes

Why create an amazing label design if it is destroyed before it even has a chance to make an impact on customers?! Applying a finish to your custom labels can better maintain their quality. In fact, label finishes not only protect the labels, but they can also create eye-catching looks! Applying a finish to your label is one of the final steps in converting materials into labels.


Why Apply a Finish?

Let’s be real, labels can encounter numerous issues like varying temperatures, constant handling, friction, etc. You can better protect your labels from these outside factors by picking a finish that works best for your product’s environment. The benefit of using a finish, whether lamination, varnish, or UV coating, is that it adds an extra layer of protection to labels, along with visual appeal, either giving the labels a glossy or matte look.



Lamination is a film material that offers thick layer of protection by applying plastic to the top of the label. Because of this added protection, they are better suited for labels that will face moisture, abrasion, and light.



Varnishes are clear liquid coatings that have the least staying power. They can be applied to the entire label, or only certain sections of the label to create interesting visual effects.


UV Coatings

UV coatings are a special type of varnish that is cured during printing via exposure to ultraviolet light. Although UV coatings can typically add cost to your project, they have a longer-lasting quality. UV Spot coatings can be used to make specific design elements pop.


Eye-Catching Design Options

Gloss options are very popular and work great to protect a label’s inks from rubbing off or smearing. Gloss finishes are offered in both laminates and UV coatings, and tend to be less costly. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot write or print on a gloss finish.

Spot UV Coating can be applied to sections of the label to better protect any aesthetic effects like accent colors, foils, textures, etc. Spot UV’s may also allow for the addition of dates and product information to areas where there is no coating.



Matte options are also offered in both lamination and UV coating, and protect the label’s ink. This finish offers a more subtle effect to your label with a flat, soft look and feel.


Whatever your labeling needs, there is a finish that is right for you! Let your dedicated Sales Coordinator know your label requirements so that they can help you select the best finish. Need some more info to help you decide? Reach out today!