Importance of Testing

As a part of Yerecic Label’s continued commitment to customer success, we have implemented rigorous testing processes for all new labels. We conduct this testing to ensure that our labels will perform to the customers’ expectations. Making sure a label goes through the entire customer process seamlessly is always our main goal!

External Testing & Testing Approval Form

When a customer approaches Yerecic Label with a new project, we will advise on the label construction based upon the conditions and environment the label will be in during storage, application and once applied to the final product.

A test roll is then sent to the customer along with our Testing Approval Form (partially pictured below), which outlines the steps that need to be taken to properly test the label. Once a customer tests and returns the completed form, the project can proceed to be set up for ordering assuming the labels perform to the customer’s expectation. Customers can also sign our Testing Waiver if they prefer to order without testing.     


Internal Testing

Any time Yerecic Label tests a new material, we ask ourselves three questions:
· What are we using this for?
· What is it designed for?
· What needs to be done to create a finished product?

Internal testing is conducted based upon these factors. In this phase, we run the new material through our entire process to see the label life cycle play out. Starting with receiving the material into the building, through the entire office and production floor, testing at the customer’s packaging line and the end user environment, then recycling the package or discarding it.

This process looks different depending on what the raw material is, however, we always take things one step at a time. For example – if Yerecic Label started using a new High-gloss UV, we would follow the steps below:

1. Begin by running it in a controlled environment on one press.
2. Then, compare it to what we are currently using and do a side-by-side analysis.
3. Once that is complete, and if it passes, we will run this new material for one customer’s item.
4. If they encounter no issues, we will implement it on only one press for an entire week’s worth of items to see how it runs.
5. If all goes well, we introduce the UV to another new press, and so on.

Overall, a new raw material testing phase can take up to six months to be properly implemented until we are confident in recommending a specific material to customers based on their environmental needs!

Have any questions about the importance of testing? Leave a comment or contact us today!