How to Get Involved in Your Community as a Business

As a business, getting involved with your local community is a chance to meet new connections, create business, and most importantly leave a lasting positive impact. There are many ways to get involved as a business, and they are all very easy!

Pick a Passion

If your business is small, or you simply don’t have many resources to spare, pick an organization you are passionate about to focus on! Make sure that this passion aligns strongly with you and your team members as well. One of our passions here at Yerecic Label is supporting our armed forces. This stems from Yerecic Label’s founder, Arthur M. Yerecic, who was a Marine himself.

Sponsor an Event

In every community there are sports teams, parades and other community events that rely on donations from businesses in the area. Events are enjoyable and create immediate exposure for your business as well as leave positive thoughts about your business to consumers. Worried about picking the right event? Any business can find something of interest that connects to what they do, you’ve just got to explore your options!

Support Local Charities

Supporting a charity that aligns with your values is the perfect way express community involvement. There are many charitable organizations in your town, such as your local food bank or shelter, and they all need help. Charitable efforts not only help a worthy cause, they also get your name out to the local community. Yerecic Label shows our support for the local Toys for Tots charity every year through a golf outing and holiday toy collection.

Adopt a Highway

Adopting a Highway may not be the first thing you think of when you think of community support, however it may be a better option that you think! You can make your community nicer and cleaner while building your reputation at the same time. Recruit some volunteers to spend some time picking up trash one weekend a month and you’re all set. The roadside signs you can place are basically free advertising for your business while also expressing your local support.

Volunteering Your Time

Not financially able to help out your community? Don’t fret, your time is just as valuable! There are plenty of local organizations and fundraisers that you and your team can impact greatly just by being a helping hand. Here at Yerecic Label, every year some of our team members go out to the Toys for Tots warehouse and help sort the toys. You don’t need to have a lot of capital to leave a lasting impression on your community, actions speak louder!

No matter what your passion is, we encourage you to get out and get involved in your community!