How to Design for Flexo Printing

Flexographic (Flexo) printing has advanced significantly over the past few decades, however when designing graphics for this method certain factors are essential to understand. We understand that a great deal of time and effort goes into creating the perfect label for your packaging. Our goal is to help your label process go from concept to finished package as seamless and successful as possible!

How to Help YL Help You

Yerecic Label encourages you to include our Graphic Design team in your design process and suggest that you send us files for review. We can evaluate your design and help you identify any elements that might not reproduce well on press, giving you the opportunity to make adjustments pre-print to maximize your brand integrity. Additionally, we utilize a “check sheet” for evaluating all label designs, so we can ensure that your label includes certain specific information that may not be apparent to you, such as legal printability.


Designing for print helps to reduce the revisions needed on your artwork and improve the on-press printability, which results in you getting your labels quicker and in the best quality possible! To dive deeper into Yerecic Labels suggested specifications, download our “Artwork Guidelines” document by clicking below.

If you would like more information on how to design for Flexo printing, reach out or leave a comment below!