Cross Merchandising

Intentional product placement and thoughtfully designed labels are crucial to any successful merchandising strategy. Cross merchandising is one of the best methods to boost customer experience and increase sales. It has many advantages, and Yerecic Label even has a program dedicated to it, our AdImpact! line!


What is it?

Cross merchandising is a visual strategy that involves displaying complementary products near one another. Here at YL, however, we take it one step further and incorporate cross- promotional coupons or recipes (or both!) on your labels as well. This strategy makes the shopping experience much more convenient for your customers and may even remind them of additional items they didn’t even know they needed!


Why is it Beneficial?

Did you know that 9 in 10 shoppers make off-list purchases, 66% of which cited in-store messaging on a sale or promotion as the reason?

When done successfully cross merchandising can lead to many benefits including:
· Improving brand loyalty
· Increasing product sales
· Promotion for new product releases
· Potential to attract new customers


How it Works at YL

AdImpact!, our on-pack cross merchandising program, is a direct result of our commitment to innovation. Based on extensive market research, pilot programs and focus groups, AdImpact! taps into multiple perishable product channels that help brands meet consumers’ desire for meal ideas. Unlike other promotional programs, AdImpact! has developed a partnership with retailers and manufacturers to incorporate the promotion into the everyday label to gain positive execution.

Although applications of AdImpact! vary depending on retail outlet and perishable product, the strategy remains consistent. Our concept is to incorporate the coupon and recipe onto an existing primary label. This ensures that loyal customers still recognize your product as well as introduces them to the complementary product.


Product Pairing

Did you know that 39% of shopper time is spent in the perimeter while only 18% of time is spent in center store aisles?

Decades of experience and expertise in the retail grocery industry allow us to select the optimal location and method for each cross-promotion, with minimal operational disruption. As a result, we have achieved 100% execution rates for pre-packed retail packages and 80-90% execution rates on retail applied promotions.

YL manages the entire process, from sell-in through execution. Our turnkey approach includes creating the design, gaining written approval from key stakeholders, overseeing all logistical details, and executing your promotion on time and as planned.


If you are interested in our AdImpact! promotional line, or just want to learn more about cross merchandising, reach out to us today!