Artwork Specifications

Your artwork and designs are the central element of everything we print at Yerecic Label. On top of that, it’s where everything begins! We started our artwork best practice series last month with some basic information on accepted file types, conversions and more! In this post, we are going to dig a little deeper into the specifics on fonts, image and color.

Font & Text Specifications

Fonts should be included or converted to outlines. It’s best that the minimum text size is 6 point and condensed no more than 67 percent. For reverse text (white type on colored background), minimum text size of 6 point BOLD is requested. This is to ensure that your text is legible and doesn’t fill in!

Thin, dark-colored fonts that appear on a solid, light-colored background will be overprinted when there is not enough space for trapping to occur. Trapping is a process done by by our color separation team to compensate for any potential registration issues on press to ensure your print does not have gaps or overlaps in the final print.

We recommend that text be created in Illustrator not in Photoshop as colors do not trap when processed from Photoshop. It’s best that you avoid white type coming out of CMYK. If using this effect, make sure text is a bold font and as large as possible.

Image & Color Specifications

It’s best to always send original PSD files with artwork. Full color images should be created in Photoshop in CMYK mode.

Some best practices include printing CMYK or Expanded Color Gamut. Yerecic Label uses the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE® guide to determine how Solid Colors will look when reproduced through four-color printing process.

This PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE® gives a side by side view of the spot color next to the equivalent process conversion. This allows our designers to determine if a spot color is able to be converted without losing quality. If the designer thinks the color is a good conversion, they will convert the color and include a note.

PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE® Guide & Swatch Samples

Please make sure your artwork is in CMYK mode and that all colors are specified and painted correctly, especially on logo colors.

Bleed & Rule Specifications

For artwork that bleeds off the label, our standard bleed is 1/16” on all sides. All pertinent artwork and information that you do not want to bleed off the label should be kept 1/16” from the edge of the die line. Special shapes or new die lines may require extra bleed.

Rules made up of black or white on a black background should be no less than .5 point. Rules made up of CMYK mix should be no less than 1 point.

If this topic sparks your interest, check out another Yerecic Label Blog article Artwork Best Practices here! We understand that this is a lot of information to digest, so if you have any questions or concerns please reach out!